We believe that everyone know today, that fashion industry takes third place in the world by terms of pollution. But a few facts you can find here. We don't blame you, it's the problem of poorly performing system. We will change the system! Let's change it together.


The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions. With textile production alone is estimated to release 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year.


Vast amounts of water are also needed to produce the clothes we wear too and the fashion industry is responsible for 20% of global waste water.


Around 85% of all textiles thrown away in the US – roughly 13 million tonnes in 2017 – are either dumped into landfill or burned. And globally, an estimated 92 million tonnes of textiles waste is created each year.


a project that fights overproduction by creating a new production



Connecting the designer and the consumer at the stage of developing a collection of clothes. The consumer votes for the designer's idea with a penny and only those things are sewn that were financed and which will be streamed directly to the customer.



If you are a fashion designer

We will transform your collection in 3D and will sell digital clothes to collect money for your collection, which we will produce on our certificated ethical manufactory. We will be your best producer.

If you are a customer

We will provide you the options to buy digital designers clothes and wear them on your social media and pre-order physical garment. We will be your best sustainability agent.



Full win-win strategy

If you are a fashion designer

You will save resources from your wallet and the resourses of the planet. All your clothes will be sold, noone forgotten item in stock. The pleasure of closing the need for sourcing and controlling production. Opportunity to show your customers how  responsible you are on every stage  of production.

If you are customer

You can influence the process of creating fashion collection. You will be the first who owe the garment from new fashion Star. Even if fashion designer will not collect money to sew the collection you will have your lovely garment in digital dressed up on you for your social media, etc.

If you are nature

You are fully satisfied. People began to think strategically, save your resourses and dont produce the clothes the don't facking anyone need.

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